Garden Center

A shop selling plants and plant health products, different types of greenhouses depending on the needs for plants, trees or decoration products and accessories. We have a 15,000 square metre display and sales area for our customers. We also have a highly varied array of flowers, plants, ornamental trees, fruit trees, decoration articles for the home and everything you might need for your garden.

Live Plants:

Outdoor plants Indoor plants Ornamental trees
-Flowering -Orchids -Fruit trees
-Seasonal -Exotic plants -Palms
-Aromatic Plants -Cactus -Bonsai

Decoration and accessories:

Plant pots and planters for outdoors; Plant pots and lamps; tables; figures; gravels and decorative bark, plant pots for indoors, artificial plants and flowers.



We are a company specialising in the field of gardening and its accessories, located in Vila-sacra.
Our garden center has a large sales area, designed so that our customers can find everything they need for their gardens. We also provide them with a service of garden design and construction tasks, as well as advice, carrying out projects, pruning, cleaning and refurbishing their gardens.

+ Services

Garden design and construction.

Technical advice.

All types of gardening work.

Professional installation of artificial lawns.


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